At BTS Homes, Inc. we understand that home is a special place for everyone and it’s a place where memories are created. For that reason we have developed many processes to ensure that our homes are built to the highest standard in everything we do. We invest in energy efficient appliances, better construction practices and higher quality material ratings. Each home we build will come with a strong warranty and we provide the necessary education for homebuyers to properly maintain their home. In addition, many of our homes are Earth Advantage Certified.

Core Values:

  • High Standard Building Practices

  • Integrity

  • Commitment to the Customer

  • Exceptional Purchasing Experience

Our second purpose is to make a difference in our community. We serve our community in many ways from providing high quality jobs, volunteering at local organizations, and providing outreach to people in third world countries. BTS is passionate about making a difference in this world and is not shy sharing about it. The company was founded on these principles and values and it is in our name BTS, which stands for Built to Serve.



Top Home Builder

To be recognized as one of the top home builders, focused on delivering high building standards to customers and creating strong neighborhoods

Steward of Environment

To be a steward of our environment by incorporating efficiency & eco-friendly building practices while delivering great value for the customer

Positive Experience

To deliver positive buying experience from beginning to the end focused on the customer

Making Difference

To make a difference in other peoples lives.